About Us

Hi! I’m Morgyn and I create and maintain the content on this site!

I have a passion for food and think you’ll agree when you see my photos and recipes! My recipes are mostly unique but I do perform a lot of research and get inspiration from Youtube videos, The Food Network, Cooking Channel, Gusto, and sites like seriouseats.com, epicurious.com, and allrecipes.com. I’d like to thank the chefs I’m inspired by including Kenji Lopez-Alt from the Food Lab, Ed Levine from seriouseats.com and the seriouseats.com podcast, Alton Brown, Chef John, Chef Tom, Michael Bonacini, Martha Stewart, Lidia Bastianich, and Julia Child,.  I hope you enjoy what you see!

Morgyn is a Maker, and tinkerer of all the things. Home chef, gardener, winemaker, server administrator, IT professional and electronic repair tech, web developer, family photographer, beekeeper, mechanic, electrician, ham radio operator… and aspiring home renovator with additional engineering, plumbing, and carpentry skills.