We were in the mood for a burger with some bold flavors so I thought we would serve a pork burger with pickled onion rings and a creamy blue cheese sauce. Enjoy the photos and recipes below!






Dividing Brioche Dough

Buns before rise

Buns after Rise

Finished Brioche

Toasting Bread

Cutting up Fresh Tomatoes


Finished Blue Cheese Burger on Brioche


Blue Cheeseburger is Ready to Eat!

Blue Cheeseburger is Ready to Eat


Brioche Buns


~ 4 cups flour

2 tblsp sugar

1 pkg yeast

2 tsp salt

1 1/4 cup warm milk

1 extra large egg, beaten

1 small beaten egg + 1 tsp water for eggwash

3/4 cup butter, softened and cut into small cubes


Add one cup flour, yeast, sugar, and warm milk into the bowl of a stand mixer and mix well. Allow the yeast to proof/form a sponge if necessary. Add salt, extra large egg, and another cup of flour and mix well. Start to add the butterĀ  but add it slowly this will take awhile and you don’t want any butter chunks in your dough. Continue to add flour until the mixture just pulls away from the inside of the bowl. Knead for 3-5 minutes before covering and allowing to rise until doubled in size. Pour out dough onto a floured surface. Work quickly and portion into eight equal sized balls on a baking tray. Allow to rise for about twenty minutes or so while you preheat your oven to 375 degrees F. Bake for approximately 22 minutes depending on your oven. Remove and allow to cool on racks. Enjoy!


Creamy Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce


1/3 cup mayonnaise

2 tblsp sour cream

1 tblsp Ranch dressing

~2 tblsp or 1 ounce crumbled blue cheese

pinch garlic powder


Mix everything together and allow flavors to mingle for at least twenty minutes before serving. Enjoy!