Today we are making burritos that can be frozen and reheated for quick and easy meals. To keep the workload down we are using store bought flour tortillas at the cost of about 40  cents each. To make the beans we started with about three cups of black-eye peas and pressure cooked them in chicken stock concentrate and tomato paste for 25 minutes. When the pressure dropped we mashed them with a potato masher, leaving some chunky bits for texture. After removing from the pressure cooker we had about five pounds of beans.


Beans for Burritos


Next up was the beef filling. Beef is expensive these days so two pounds cost ten dollars even. We seasoned the beef heavily with a mixture of salt, chile flakes, homegrown dried paprika and smoked bell pepper powder, fresh garlic, fresh onion, oregano, cumin powder, and chile powder… Our cajun/taco seasoning mix.


Two Pounds Ground Beef

Home Grown Dried Chillies

Home Grown Chile Powder

Finished Taco Beef Filling


Next up was the rice. Two cups rice cooked in some chicken stock and water. We used tomato puree, bit of onion, bell peppers, and finished with cilantro and a bit of white wine vinegar to make it more interesting. A bit of chopped mushroom fell in there apparently but that wasn’t my intention.


Making Spanish Rice

Finished Spanish Rice for Burritos

Next up was some pulled duck legs/thighs taco style done in the pressure cooker… no pictures of the making of these but they were delicious and fall-apart tender after just twenty five minutes.


Pulled Duck, Taco Style

After quick-pickling some diced red onion, chopping up some cilantro stems and green peppers, and grating some cheese, my station was ready for burrito assembly!

Ready for Burrito Assembly

Assembling Burritos

Weighing Burritos

Assembling Burritos

Assembling Burritos

Beef and Bean, Bean and Cheese Burritos

Assembling Burritos

Assembling Burritos

Finished Pile of Burritos

Finished Pile of Burritos

Burrito Ready to Eat!

Yield was 20 burritos and the cost was just over $1 Canadian each. These will last us a few weeks for sure!