We have been known to give away a variety of spicy things during the holidays and this year was no exception. In the ‘uber-spicy’ category this year we decided to make our own chipotle peppers. For those that are not aware, chipotle is another way of saying ‘smoked jalapeno.’ Ripe jalapenos are typically used for making chipotle peppers because they are sweeter than the green ones, but sometimes they are hard to find. We have not been able to find them here for much of this year but our local grocery store has been stocking them a couple months now… perhaps they are in season or they just appreciate that there are foodies out there like us that buy them by the bag load, who knows? In any case, if you want to make your own chipotle peppers make sure to buy ripe red jalapenos when you see them because they may not be around for long!




Chipotle Peppers

Wash and halve peppers and arrange on racks within your smoker. Smoke with hickory chips for only 6 hours at 150 degrees F and then leave peppers until completely dry. Grind with a mortar and pestle or food grinder before use or use dried in soups, sauces, stews, or your favorite recipes. Enjoy!