Congee (or Jook) is a delicious Chinese rice porridge that can be enjoyed any time of day and is a perfect comfort food during cold weather. Tonight we made chicken congee with beef. Enjoy the photos!







Chicken (Stock) Congee

1 cup rice

1 package beef stir fry strips, cooked

6 cups chicken stock

4 cups water

2 tsp salt

1/4 cup rice wine

chopped chives for garnish

Wash rice and add everything except chives into a slow cooker. Stir. Cook on high heat for 3 1/2 hours – 4 hours, stirring occasionally, more frequently towards the end of cooking time. Add cooked beef about 1/2 hour before serving so it reheats or serve it hot on top. Add some chopped chives or spring onion tops for garnish.