Tofu is such a versatile ingredient. It’s available in so many different textures and consistencies and can absorb flavor like a sponge. We like our tofu fried with a crisp crunch… accompanied by a side of soy sauce mixed with rice wine vinegar, sugar, garlic, and chives. The biggest barrier to making crispy tofu is the moisture content, which is the enemy of good browning. Technically known as the maillard reaction, browning is a process whereby new umami flavor compounds are created under high heat. When you try to fry tofu without drying and removing much of the moisture it can take a frustratingly long time to achieve a good crust as the heat from the pan has to drive out the moisture before the browning can even begin. To avoid the delay and increase your chances of getting a good crust, you’ll want to make sure the outsides of your tofu are at least very dry. We used medium firm tofu for this recipe which I drained and cut into thin slices, then sat the pieces on a rack covered in two layers of paper towel with some additional paper towel on top and let sit for a hour or so. Then i removed the wet paper towel and allowed the pieces to sit in free air for an additional fifteen minutes. The crispy coating is a simple mixture of corn starch and water which we dredged the pieces in before frying… Like so many other great recipes made with few ingredients it takes proper technique and bit of advance prep, but your patience will be well rewarded.   Enjoy the photos!