This is a New-Orleans / Montreal style fusion with caramelized onions, cheese, and home made BBQ sauce. Enjoy the photos!


We're making the Flour Mixture.. the Kernel would be impressed!

It's me grinding the Smoked Paprika from our Graden!!

Caramelizing Onions

Ingredients for Sauce (this may or may not be all of them...)

Whoops ran out of the store bought paprika!!

Putting together BBQ sauce!

BBQ sauce berfore mixing

OMG I've gotta get rid of these onions!!

Caramelized Onions.... gotta get rid of these onions!

Is Bacon?


Ciabatta Buns

Breading Chicken Breast

Breaded Chicken Breast

Toasting Ciabatta

Sandwiches Ready for Meat

Breaded Chicken Breastt


Chicken Burger with Montreal Smoked Meat  and Bacon

Adding Cheese to Chicken Burger

Chicken Burger Coming off the Grill

Chicken Burger on Ciabatta

Adding the BBQ Sauce

Chicken Sandwich Ready to Eat!