It’s been ‘Greek week’ over at our place. First we made a huge Greek salad with cucumber, tomato, green peppers, dill, fennel and fennel fronds, feta cheese, and some premium olive oil which we’ve been working on for days! We needed to use up the rest of the feta cheese though so we thought we’d make one of our staples, pizza bread. We call it pizza bread because it’s simply a loaf of crusty French bread cut lengthwise and dressed up like a pizza. It’s a real time saver compared to our ‘big tray’ pizza as the bread component is pre-made and for only 99 cents almost anywhere we shop for the French bread it’s quite a deal for the amount of time saved.


We find ourselves sticking with more ‘traditional’ pizza ingredients these days… minimalist with just tomato, cheese, herbs, and olive oil; rarely meat, and this recipe is no exception to that. We’ve made many pizzas where we’ve thrown the proverbial ‘kitchen sink’ at them using five, six, seven toppings or more but we’ve found over time that pizza is most enjoyable when you can pick out the taste of each ingredient because with too many it just becomes somewhat of a train wreck. Flavors pile up on top of one another and the theme of the pizza becomes lost. For this pizza we are sticking with the ingredients of a Greek salad minus the olives because we were out this time and the nearest store is 50 miles away.

With the garlic cheese bread now made, we move on to the tomato sauce. Olive oil, hot pan, whole tomatoes crushed and reduced, dried oregano from our garden, salt, and some Italian seasoning

With the garlic bread and pizza sauce ready, and topping prepped, it’s time to assemble the pizza bread! Enjoy the photos below!