These are sweet and sour mustard pickles with cucumber, cauliflower, and pearl onions, just like grandma used to make! Enjoy the photos!








Mustard Pickles


6 field cucumbers, cut into bite-sized pieces

2 heads cauliflower, cut into bite-sized pieces

2 lbs pearl onions, blanched and peeled

2 red peppers, diced

1 cup kosher salt

approx 1 gal vinegar

1 40z can Keen’s dry mustard

approx 3 tblsp salt, to taste

4 cups sugar

1 cup flour

1 tblsp turmeric

1 tblsp garam masala

1 tblsp celery seed

1 tblsp powdered ginger


The day before: Add cucumber, onions, and cauliflower to a large bowl and cover with water. Stir in and dissolve one cup of salt and let stand in refrigerator overnight. The next day drain and rinse the vegetables thoroughly and add them to a large stock pot. Add the red pepper, cover with vinegar, and bring just to a simmer. Add the turmeric, garam masala, celery seed, and ginger mixture to the pot along with the mustard powder. Using vinegar and flour, make a thin paste and add it back to the pot. Once the flour has been added simmer for 15 minutes or so until it thickens. Add salt and adjust to taste. Process in a canner according to your regional instructions. Makes about 12 pint jars.